About Thai massage

Get to know the two thousand year old techniques of Thai masters, where care for the soul, mind and body are the most precious treasure we have.

The traditional tahi massage is an ancient art. It´s a uniqe system of special traditional massage techniques, based an appyling pressure at various points along the energetic path of the body resulting in relief of pain, tension, neck stiffness etc. Supports body regeneration, mental relaxation, improves blood circulation.

Reflexory Foot Massage has a long-standing medical tradition. The teoretical basis or orflex massage is the teaching of body meridians or energy lines that link the foot to all the body organs. It is related to ancient Chinese therapy, for exaple, acupuncture and is a pleasant and soft treatment method applied to all sorts of problems. It help induce deep relaxation and in this condition, the body has a chance for self-treatment and functions more effectively.

A technice, that uses oil which is massaged into the subjects muscles. This kind of massage is especiality effective for removing muscle tension and stiffnes. It also improves akin condition.

Why visit our thai massage?
Releases toxins from joints, muscles and other tissue improves the capability to receive nutrition relieves energical blockades Increases blood and lymf circulations eases muscle and joint pain. Improves waste secrecion Strengthens the nervous system. Eases relaxation and regeneration . Removes backbone pain. Increases body flexibility.  že zvyšují imunitu