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Thai massage

Experience the two thousand years old techniques of Thai masters, where the care of the soul, mind and whole body are the most precious treasures we have.

The essence of Thai massage is the knowledge of energy pathways in the body (meridians) and reflex points located on them. The masseur pushes these points through the thumbs, heel, knees, forearms or palms while gently manipulating the client´s body. This releases the energy blocked in the meridians and relieves the client from tension and pain.

Thai massages are very different from the European masssages we are used to. Classicial massage, as we know it, focuses mainly on muscles and soft tissues. In contrast, Thai massage is based on learning about the Zen energy centers, the masseuse influences the flow of energy in the body during a Thai massage.

During a traditional Thai massage, the masseuse uses the weight of her whole body. She compresses energy points with her fingers, palms, forearms, or knees. Thai massage should not hurt. However, stimulating some points and stretching can be little uncomfortable for sensitive individuals. These are always the first contacts in which the main problems are repaired. These feeling subside with regular massage.

What health problems can Thai massage solve?

Thai massage works great if, for example, you have a blocked back, neck, strained shoulders, shoulder blades or sprained ankle. A common reason why clients visit us is a headache. Thai massage helps tired feet, sore joints, relaxes pulled muscles, strengthens the nervous system, helps proper blood circulation. In especialle perfect as prevention for all these health problems.

What is the recommended regime after a Thai massage?

After the massage, we recommended drinking a lot of watter. Toxins activated during the massage are released out of the body and it is necessary to flush them out. It is recommended to rest for several minutes after the massage.

Are Thai massage age limited?

Thai massages are suitable for everyone without restrictions. Masseuses always take into account the health condition of each client and adjust the massage. In general, relaxing oil massages are more suitable for small children and older seniors.

Is Thai massage also good for pregnant women?

Thai massage is appropriate, and even very beneficial during an advance pregnancy. There are many mistakes circulating in society concerning massages and their effects on pregnant woman and fetal health. This is largely due to ignorance or excessive care about the child´s health. However, this deprives many woman of the health relaxation that prenatal massage provides.
During the first three months of pregnancy, a woman can undergo a Thai massage without restrictions according to her wishes and current needs. From the fourth to the eighth month, it should focus only on the so-called pregnancy massage. Pregnant woman who indulge in a massage will relax the stressed muscles, their sleep will be better, they will be more resistant to stress. Other benefits of Thai massage during pregnancy include increasing immunity and improving blood circulation, as well as improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. Expectant mothers are less tired.

At what interval is it appropriate to experience Thai massages?

As a pleasant relaxation you can experience a Thai massage as often as you wish. If you do not have any health problems and would like to prevent them, a visit every two weeks to a month is enough. This will save the tense neck muscles, prevent headaches, and stretch stiff muscles. In case of more serious musculoskeletal problems, migraine problems and insomnia or stress, treat yourself to a Thai streghting more often, you will be full of energy.

Why choose Thai massage?

  • Brings relief, relaxation and eas for body and mind
  • Relieves pain and stiffness of muscles and joints
  • Stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • Improves joint mobility and tendon flexibility
  • Stimulates the work of internal organs
  • Great stress tension relieve
  • Helps with depression, migraines, insomnia
  • Supports the digestive system, speeds up metabolism and body detox

When is it better postpone a Thai massage?

  • Thai massage is not good for acute illnesses or post injury
  • Not suitable during menstruation or the six weeks
  • Classic Thai massage is not suitable for pregnant woman- but we offer a special massage for pregnant woman
  • Thai massage is not suitable for high blood pressure ad heart disease
  • For osteoporosis, acute inflammation or viral and skin diseases
  • In case of excessive use of alcohol, narcotics or sedatives
  • With severe varicose vein problems

Your first visit?


The massage must be booked well in advance to avoid any disappointment with the busy date. Do not eat immediately before the massage, you will not be able to fully enjoy the massage with a full stomach and, for example, we will have to skip the belly massage.
We recommend arriving about ten minutes before the very beginning of the massage, so that you can enjoy it in peace from the beginning to the end.


Please inform us about your healh problems in advance, preferably when booking, we will choose the best with regard to your comfort and exclude all possible risks. The massage is not suitable should you have high fever or if you have suffered serious injuries or fractures. If you are unsure about your medical condition, do not hesitate to contact your doctor. We must also note that we are not responsible for any deterionration in health, because we are not able to diagnose in detail your current health in a time of massage.


Before visiting, please switch your mobile phone to silent vibration-free mode and please do not call during the visit. You would disturb any other custumers. Please just knock at the reception door.

I am pregnant

At the beginning of your pregnancy you can treat yourself to a massage as you wish. But as the pregnancy continues, your massage should focus more on the back muscles, spine, neck or legs. It is better to skip foot massage during pregnancy. A massage performed with regard to your condition will relieve tension, increase immunity or improve the flow of nutrients through the blood to the baby. Thai massage is not suitable before childbirth and during the puerperium.

What to put away efore the massage?

For the perfect enjoyment of the treatment, we recommend putting the watch and other jewelry away. You can use our storage room at the reception or in individual massage rooms. We reccomended removing contact lenses before massaging the face. For oil massages or those that include peeling or wrap, we recommend taking off everything, including underwear.

During the massage

During the treatment, breathe calmly and relax. We recommend closing your eyes and relaxing as much as possible so that you can really enjoy massage to the fullest. Deep relaxation can also go to sleep and definitely do not be ashamed to indulge in it! Please let us know immediately of fany dissatifaction or reduction in comfort. We are happy for your feedback and masseuses are ready to adjut the intensity during massage with easy passwords:
Soft - you want a light massage
Strong - you are asking for harder/ more intense massage

After the massage

We will offer you a cup of delicious green tea. Don´t rush anywhere! In our salons you can relax according to your wishes and let the massage end in peace. If you were not satisfied with something during your visit, do not hesitate to tell us. Our goal is to fulfill the wishes of each of our clients. Let us know if we fail so that we can continually improve and enhance our services for you.
If you want to write us, you can do so using the contact form.

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