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We offer proffesional massage services performed by by masseuses from Thailand and the Philippines certified by the most prestigious massage schools such as WAT PHO in the temple complex in Bangkok.

You have the opportunity to get to know two thousand years old techniques of Thai masters.

The essence of Thai massage is the knowledge of energy pathways in the body (meridians) and reflex points located on them.
Try a traditional Thai massage, a luxurious chocolate massage or more from our selection.
Our branches of Thai massages are located in Písek and Strakonice. The massage must be booked in advance.
Give an exceptional gift to your loved ones in the form of a massage of their choice. We also offer couples massage.

We recommend popular


Lava hot stones massage

Herbal pouch massage

Galvanic treatment

Thai face and head massage

Thai foot massage

Indian anti-stress head massage

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